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Amber – Model Photoshoot at Cre8-Image Studio, Cottenham, near Cambridge.

I had the pleasure of a shoot with the lovely Amber at Cre8-Image studio in Cottenham near Cambridge recently.
As well as Amber being a fantastic model with bags of poses and expressions, the studio itself was great. Run by Mark Fiddian, it’s well equipped and spacious and Mark was on hand to offer a ton of advice and help set up the lighting. We did about four different setups, including clothing and lighting changes and I came away with a stack of really incredible shots that I’m really proud of,  some of which you can see below. In fact, paring down the 415 shots I took to just the best handful was the most painful part of the whole process! I’ve still got a load of shots in the ‘to edit’ pile now.
I also got some great feedback from Amber, which I hope she doesn’t mind if I post below:

I worked with Narshada at Cr8Studio Cottenham – He booked a few hours at my model day there. He’s new to studio work but seems to have an understanding of it already! He picked up on it all very quickly, we started shooting some sleek clean looks … I felt free to move around and express myself in front of him, he held back his giggles and got some bloody amazing pictures!

When we moved onto some more extreme outrageous images, I saw a change in Narshada; it’s like he is meant to shoot more unusual and unique images, not beautifully standard images … but crazy quirky fashion! He gave me feedback in various comments: “Thats good,” “Keep that, (pose,)” “beautiful,” etc. I like it when a photographer tells me how I’m doing for them!

Very professional attitude and great character. Can’t wait for the next shoot – Highly recommenced!


I’m very much looking forward to collaborating with both Amber and Mark at Cre8-Image again.


Sultry, Amber, Monochrome, Studio, Cambridge,

A sultry-looking Amber in monochrome

Dress, Fashion, Studio, Cambridge, Beautiful,

I love this shot. One of my favourites from the day. I love how her hand reflects a little light back onto her face.

Shorts, Denim, Midriff, Fashion, Pose

One of many really strong poses Amber brought to the shoot.

Melodrama, Pose, Model, Studio, Cambridge,

I love everything about this shot, particularly Amber’s pose. There’s a place for melodramatic poses and this is it.

Hair, Studio, Lighting, Fashion, Cambridge,

Her versatility was amazing. I loved the lighting here & her hair.

Flexible, Model, Arms, Studio, Cambridge,

I asked for this pose, thinking I’d seen something similar in her existing portfolio. When I checked after the shoot, the shot I’d thought of didn’t look like this at all, so I’m not sure where the inspiration came from, but I’m glad it hit me.

Dress, Model, Pose, Sail, Cambridge,

Another out of the blue pose that worked really well.

Monochrome, Arms, Pose, Model, Cambridge,

Amber had so many interesting poses and was always aware of her positioning to the camera & lights. Photographing her was so easy it felt a little like cheating.


Which shot is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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