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Cambridge Cyber Alt-Model Shoot – Bekiku

 I love to shoot Alt-models …

Being of an alternative persuasion myself – having tattoos and piercings, listening to metal and punk – obviously I’m attracted to the look and style. I love the attitude, the crazy outfits and the whole culture. Alt-models have come to the fore recently, with many appearing in magazines like Front or Bizarre and of course tattoo magazines, but it wasn’t always the case. Happily for me, it means that alt-models are becoming easier to source as demand for an alternative to the Supermodel/Barbie Doll/Playboy look increases all the time.

I contacted Bekiku through my Model Mayhem profile and we arranged to meet up for a shoot. Unfortunately I was unable to source a decent location to shoot at, so we decided to do an outdoor shoot in Cambridge. Originally I had wanted to do the shoot in the old part of Cambridge, as I thought the juxtaposition of cobbled streets and Cyber costume would look cool, but it was a busy Saturday and we didn’t want shots filled with bystanders, plus the hassle of trying to do a shoot with lots of people around.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Cyber subculture, it’s born out of the industrial music scene (Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, et al) and the easiest way I can think to describe it is sci-fi goth. It’s part Cyberpunk, part gothic, part nightclub neons … and pretty awesome. Watch any movie trying to be cool by throwing in a rock club scene, (The Matrix, The Crow,) and you’ll see at least one Cyber in the mix usually. It’s bold, bodacious and badass.

After a bit of a reccy around the old town, we decided to find somewhere a bit quieter and more natural, after all nature would provide a good contrast too. We ended up near St John’s College and there was still snow on the ground. We shot for about an hour or so and Bekiku was a total professional, despite the cold weather. I experimented with some off-camera flash and gels and used my new 70 -200 f/4 L lens for most of the shots to give it a work out. I’m happy with the results and so was Bekiku, and I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.
Cyber Goth Alt-Model portrait in Cambridge Cyber Goth Alt-Model portrait in Cambridge Cyber Goth Alt-Model portrait in Cambridge

Cyber Goth Alt-Model portrait in Cambridge

Bekiku in front of St John’s college, Cambridge

You can see more of Bekiku at her official Facebook page.

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  • Sophie Whitley Flavell on January 29, 2013

    Brilliant. I love the whole cyber subculture and its emphasis on the essence of form and mechanics, as opposed to the prolific ‘tits and teeth’ culture. Beautiful model – something about her eyes and the snow….

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