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CamCon 2013 – Cambridge Comic Sci-Fi and Cosplay Convention

A little while ago my wife and I met up with friends who also have a daughter about the same age as ours and being big geeks, (like us,) they suggested we go to CamCon 2013 — the Cambridge Comic, Sci-Fi and Cosplay convention.

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We thought it might be fun, so arranged to all go together. Not long after I was looking through the CamCon website and I noticed they accepted sponsors, so sent an email enquiring if they would be interested in collaborating – photos for tickets, and they said they would arrange fro a press pass for me.

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CamCon is only in it’s second year and obviously only going to get bigger. This year it was held at The Junction in Cambridge and comprised of a main hall with dealers at tables selling everything from custom painted shoes to comics and related paraphernalia to costumes and props.

CamCon, Dealers, Main Hall,CamCon, Shoes,

In addition to that there was a hall where panels were held on everything from Cosplay basics to Doctor Who, a videogames area upstairs with lots of consoles set up to play on, and the main stage, which hosted the Cosplay Masquerade.

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The con was pretty heavily biased toward Manga, Anime and all things Japanese, which was cool, but I had expected to see  more regular comics, indie creators (although there were a few,) and Sci-Fi stuff for us regular geeks. I like Manga and Anime, but I’m kind of picky about what I read and watch, so there was lots of stuff there I’d never heard of.

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I did however, enjoy the Maids of England cafe, which employed butler boys and maid girls to serve refreshments. The maid costumes were ornate and great fun to photograph. (Which the owner was very gracious in allowing me to do,)

Cosplay, Japanese, Maids of England, Maid, CamCon, Cosplay, Girl, Maids of England, Shin,

All in all it was a fun day, with plenty of people in costume for me to shoot! I’m already looking forward to next year.

CamCon, Cosplay, Tank Girl Cosplay, Darkstalkers, Lilith, Morrigan, CamCon, Capcom, CamCon, Cosplay, Girl, Zatanna, CamCon, Cosplay, Legend of Zelda, Link, Nintendo CamCon, Cosplay, Doctor Who, David Tennant, 10th Doctor, CamCon, Cosplay, Doctor Who, Sonic Screwdriver, Fez,

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  • Amber Turnbull on November 20, 2013

    These are all so cool! I can’t believe I missed them. If you wanted even more cosplayers you should have gone outside to the sofa areas and such, there was a large group hanging around there for most of the day. Hope to see you in August 2014, if you’re coming.

    • Narshada on November 23, 2013

      Thanks Amber! I did take a few of the cosplayers outside, like the Darkstalkers girls and Zatana, but the sun was very bright, so it was better to try and get people inside or in the shade. Hopefully see you next year!

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