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Trip The Plastic Fantastic

No, I’m not talking about anything nefarious, (although I can be available to do so for a modest fee,) I’m talking about my nifty fifty lens, or “niddy fiddy” as I don’t believe anyone with firing synapses or over the age of twenty says. When I get interested in something, I tend to do a […]

DSLR Vs. iPhone — Fight!

So I recently bought my first ‘proper’ camera: A Canon 550D and it is a joyous, wondrous thing, but my love of photography has only really developed since I’ve had an iPhone. My first ‘Hey this is kind of cool’ moment actually occurred with my Nokia N95, which had a Carl Zeiss lens and took […]


As a quick follow up to my post on photography, I thought I’d share a few snaps. If you’re a friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you may have seen these already. In which case I won’t be at all offended if you skip on through.

Photography – A New Passion

Ever since I’ve had my iPhone, back from the 3GS, I’ve gotten interested in photography. Helped along by apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram, my love for the art has grown exponentially in the last few years, to the point where today, I got my first DSLR. Photography is a good fit for me, like writing, […]

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