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I love Instagram. As I’ve mentioned before, my journey into photography may have had it’s first start when I was very young, but honestly, Instagram was a turning point for me. Never before was it so easy to take an image, edit it and then share it with both friends and the world at large […]

ioShutter review

A while ago, I got an email from PhotoJojo with their latest products and noticed ioShutter – a remote cable release for DSLR’s that activated using your iPhone. As an inherent tech-head and iPhone evangelist, I was instantly intrigued, but put off by the price tag of $70, which works out at £46 in ‘real’ money […]

Filterstorm – iOS’s Photoshop?

For those that practice the art of iphoneography, there are a wealth of editing apps available. From the inbuilt filters of Instagram to the smooth UI of Snapseed, through TiltShift apps to Lomo-style ones, HDR to framing, there is no shortage of apps to edit your photos with. For those that are looking for a […]

DSLR Vs. iPhone — Fight!

So I recently bought my first ‘proper’ camera: A Canon 550D and it is a joyous, wondrous thing, but my love of photography has only really developed since I’ve had an iPhone. My first ‘Hey this is kind of cool’ moment actually occurred with my Nokia N95, which had a Carl Zeiss lens and took […]