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Trip The Plastic Fantastic

No, I’m not talking about anything nefarious, (although I can be available to do so for a modest fee,) I’m talking about my nifty fifty lens, or “niddy fiddy” as I don’t believe anyone with firing synapses or over the age of twenty says. When I get interested in something, I tend to do a […]

Filterstorm – iOS’s Photoshop?

For those that practice the art of iphoneography, there are a wealth of editing apps available. From the inbuilt filters of Instagram to the smooth UI of Snapseed, through TiltShift apps to Lomo-style ones, HDR to framing, there is no shortage of apps to edit your photos with. For those that are looking for a […]


So Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion — twice its estimated value. It’s been interesting to see how many people were secret market analysts, now popping out if the woodwork, because Twitter is awash in the kind of backlash unseen since Hitler decided to expand his franchise into Poland. (I thought I’d get Godwin’s law […]

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