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Eliza — Toddler Portrait Shoot in Cambridge

Having a young daughter myself, I know what a joy (and pain!) they can be and how they grow up so quickly, especially in their first years. How amazing it is for me then, to be able to help capture some precious memories for parents, knowing how much joy photos of my daughter bring me.

Like most parents, I believe my daughter to be the cutest little person ever to walk the earth, but I have to say she had some tough competition from Eliza here, who was absolutely full of smiles all day and an absolute pleasure to take photos of! We headed into Cambridge to meet Eliza and her parents and took along my wife and daughter too, for a playdate.

Toddler, Grin, Cute, Smile, Girl,

What a cute smile!

Toddler, Girl, Slide, Happy, Portrait,

Eliza, having some fun on the slide with some help from Daddy.

Toddler, Bokeh, Portrait, Colours, Natural Light,

Eliza inspecting a fiery-coloured winter hedge.

Toddler, Tongue, Playpark, Cheeky, Cambridge,

Eliza, sticking her tongue out.

Swing, Toddler, Portrait, Girl, Fun,

Eliza enjoying some fun time on the swings.

Toddler, Park, Portrait, Cambridge, Smile

She’s just such a happy little girl!

We had a great day out and Eliza’s parents were very happy with the shots. By the way, Eliza’s mum has a business making the cutest little collectable mice for special occasions – go take a look: As Nice As Mice

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