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Harrison – Model Fashion Photo Shoot in Littleport

Harrison agreed to let me do a fashion photo shoot him a while ago but getting our schedules to align was like waiting for the Great Conjunction!

(Jim Henson fans might get that refefence!)

Finally, we managed to get together and did a shoot in Littleport, where I now live and where Harrison grew up. It was a very windy day, but a really fun shoot as Harrison & I like to make each other laugh. We also got approached randomly during the day by local journalists asking if we were doing anything they could write about, (we regretted not making something up to tell them for fun later,) and being asked by a builder if we were from the council or doing a piece on the history of the area. Bit odd.

Unfortunately, when I went to edit some more of my favourites from the shoot, Aperture (my editing software,) dutifully informed me that it couldn’t find the original files. I searched on the external hard drive & sure enough – no sign. I have no idea how it happened, but if you have files stored on an external drive it means two things:

  1. The files are not included in a Time Machine backup. (Macs have built-in backup software which, under normal circumstance is amazing.)
  2. If you inadvertently delete files from an external drive, instead of going into the trash where you can recover them, they just disappear instantly.

This meant that I only ended up with three images left from the shoot that I’d put online, having only formatted the memory card with all the images still on just the day before. Oh, cruel irony.





But wait – Update!

Somehow the images returned! I’m still not sure what happened – the drive was connected but the folder containing the photos was not there. I searched for the folder, but got nothing. Then next time I opened Aperture, the images were back. Well, I learned my lesson and a useful Aperture trick into the bargain, which is the ‘relocate originals’ function. That function allows you to batch move entire projects from one location, say an external hard drive, to another, e.g. an internal drive, quickly an easily. Since I now have my new iMac with a 3Tb fusion drive, there’s plenty of space for pictures, so moving them onto the iMac means they now get backed up. Storing them externally was a great solution when I had a Macbook Pro with only a 250Gb hard drive, but the risk of losing those images now that I have enough storage on my main computer is too great to take, so I’ve moved them over. Here’s some of the others (thankfully recovered,) from the shoot:





Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you like these images, why not book a shoot with me?

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