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Max – Toddler-‘Tography Portrait Photography in Ely

Toddler Portrait Photography Session in Ely


I was asked to take some portraits of Max, the 19-month old son of a friend, the only brief given being that it didn’t want to look too staged. Toddlers can be interesting and challenging to shoot – I should know, I have one – but I was told Max likes cameras and would happily pose.

We met up in Ely and went over to the Almonry gardens and let the kids have a bit of a run around, while I got set up. I was aware that winter light can be quite harsh, so I took it as the perfect opportunity to try a technique I’ve been wanting to have a go at for a while, which was to use my flash to balance the light, but shooting through the translucent part of my reflector. My reflector is a 5-in-1: Black, White, Silver, Gold and translucent. I knew silver and gold would be too harsh and black is only for darkening and shaping shadow areas. White may have produced enough bounced light to lighten the shadows and balance the light, but I had my flash with me and wanted to give it a try. After a few tweaks to ensure the flash was set to the correct power output, and ensuring my autofocus was set to servo mode, (meaning if I hold the focus button down, any moving target will be tracked and focussed on, which can be a lifesaver with energetic young ones!) I tried snapping a few shots.

Max’s Dad had been right – he did like the camera. Actually, it turned out my biggest challenge was keeping him far enough away so I could focus properly!

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