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I recently had a photoshoot with Narshada Photography and I had a blast.

I love the photos and the whole experience!

A very talented man! Will be booking more shoots soon!

– Tia Colcomb – Singer/Songwriter

About Me

Mine is a pretty obvious story:

Boy likes creating art, boy goes on a quest to find his preferred medium and ventures through the lands of drawing, painting, comic art, 3D computer graphics, animation, writing and then picks up a camera, falls in love and becomes a man …

Well, that’s kind of how it happened. The cliff notes, if you will.

Actually an early memory of mine is sitting at my Great-Aunt’s house reading a book on photography in rapt fascination. As I got into drawing, I considered photography to be ‘cheating’ as I thought you were just capturing whatever was in front of the camera – how wrong I was. I now know that good images are created just as much as a drawing is, through concept, artistic vision, lighting, hair, makeup and clothes, props, post-processing – not to mention knowing the camera inside out and so on.

One of the main things I love about photography is that it is a collaboration. How the subject behaves affects the final image as much as having the right camera settings. It’s this collaborative aspect that gives me the chance to work with some incredible and inspirational people – namely, you.

Because of this I want to achieve two things in every photo session:

Because I find I do my best work with people I connect with.

Because this should be a great experience for you, and also because I love to laugh. Why shouldn’t this be fun?

These two goals, once accomplished, lead to two outcomes from our collaboration:

A fun photo session leads inevitably to fantastic photos, and then I edit the images to make you look great – and trust me, you will look amazing!


It’s been shown in studies that thinking you look good leads to an improvement in your overall happiness levels. So imagine if you don’t just think you look good, but can look at your photos any time you want and know you look great – think how that will improve your overall happiness!


So scroll down through the site to visit each section, or use the menu to jump around if you like. Have a look at some of my previous collaborations, interspersed with testimonials from happy clients and ask yourself this question:

How would I like to look my best – forever?

and then contact me on 07837 858390, or to arrange your photo session, or fill in the form here – because you deserve to look great and feel happy.

Worked with Mike at Cr8Studio Cottenham, he booked a few hours at my model day there! We started shooting some sleek clean looks … I felt free to move around and express myself in front of him. He got some bloody amazing pictures!

Very professional attitude, and great character! can’t wait for the next shoot – Highly recommended!

– Amber Tutton – Model


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“Thank you so much Mike these are fantastic!

If anybody would like a photographer I can highly recommend Mike.

It was such a fun and easy day and I will cherish these photos forever.”

– Jayne Fuller – Mum-to-be


The photos are super! We love the ones where you have caught real expressions that capture just how we were feeling.

Now we just have to choose our favourites! We are incredibly grateful for your skill and time, lots of love Kato and Chris x x x

– Kate Davison, Bride

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To arrange your amazing portrait experience …

Either using the details below or fill in the form with your details and I’ll be in touch soon.

Fantastic photographer, great pictures and a top bloke too.

I recommend anyone who wants some portraits done to contact Mike Rickard at Narshada Photography. His pictures of Eliza are stunning.

– Ben Turner-Cobbold, Dad to Eliza