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L’Oreal Hair Competition Photoshoot for Toppers Hair Salon, Ely

For a while now I’ve been doing staff headshots for Toppers Hair Salon in Ely.
Whenever they get a new member of staff, I’ll go in and set up in a room upstairs that the beauticians use for giving massages. (Note to self: book a massage!)

Some time back I got a call from Mitchell, who owns the salon along with Lisa, saying they were thinking of entering a hairdressing competition run by L’Oreal, and they might need some photos doing in order to enter.

Shortly after that I met Ross, who was to be their hair model, for a test shoot. Ross usually does more sports modelling and the like, as standing at around 6″4 and with a physique that would make Thor think about hitting the gym, he’s ideally suited for that kind of work. Hair modelling would be a new direction for him and although I’ve taken many a headshot, I’d never done one specifically geared towards the hairstyle before. I’d hit the internet for research on what sort of thing to be aiming for and had a good idea of what I wanted to do. Luckily for me, Ross is not only a very handsome guy, he’s also a great model – very receptive to direction but happy to throw his own ideas into the ring to collaborate – a photographer’s dream.

Here are some of the test shots, shot in the room upstairs:

Hair Model Ross, mid length shot

Ross the hair model from the front

Hair model looking down to emphasize the hairstyle

Three-quarter view headshot of the hair model

Hair model profile headshot

For the actual shoot, we shot downstairs in the salon after it had closed. One thing I love about photography is the “smoke and mirrors” aspect to it sometimes. For the final shots we shot against a piece of wall that was only about two feet wide, but you’d never know it from the shots.

The guys primped and preened Ross, ably assisted by several of the girls and added some colour and also changed the style from the test shoot version to something a little more dramatic. We discussed outfits and I had my laptop set up tethered to my camera so we had instant feedback for each shot, which was really helpful to determine what was working and what wasn’t in terms of lighting, outfit and even the angle of Ross’ head.

This is the final shot, edited to Mitchell’s requirements and which earned Toppers a place in the regional finals of the competition:
Final finished shot for hair competition


Ross was awesome to work with and I hope I get chance to work with him again someday soon and also I’d like to give a big thanks to Mitchell and Lisa, as well as Michelle and the rest of the Toppers team for their hard work and making the shoot such a success. Always a pleasure to work with you guys.

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