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Tia Colcomb – Cambridge Photoshoot for Local Singer

A lot of what I love about being a photographer is working with amazing and interesting people.

Tia Colcomb is a singer/singwriter based near Ely, but who has been studying in London. She contacted me through my Facebook page and asked about a photo shoot to get some promotional shots for her own Facebook page and website, so we arranged a shoot over Facebook. (Click on any image for large versions.)

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Retro Microphone, Dress

Tia came to the shoot armed with several outfit changes and a beautiful retro 50’s style microphone. We started off in the studio and I was ably assisted on this shoot by my friend Chris, who held lights, moved equipment and generally helped me out no end.

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Retro Microphone, Dress

Tia not only sings, but writes her own songs and plays piano too – so of course we had to get one into a shot or two!

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Piano, Playing

We chatted throughout the shoot about music and life in general. It’s nice when you meet people you can just ramble on with, even shortly after meeting for the first time. As a photographer, one of my pet hates is forced smiles. If you have to force your smile in a photograph, the photographer isn’t doing a very good job. Part of a photoshoot for me is getting people to relax so that you can capture their genuine expressions and that’s the same for a portrait shoot as it is for a wedding shoot. All the photoshop in the world can’t turn a frown upside down. Luckily, not only was Tia easygoing and up for trying out some different looks and locations, she was loads of fun to shoot with and there were several moments where I knew if I’d taken a shot, it would have been blurry from the camera shaking due to Tia or myself laughing, although I did manage to capture a few photos of Tia laughing while I stifled my chuckles.

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Retro Microphone, Dress

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Piano, Grin

After we’d finished in the studio, we headed out into Cambridge. I’d suggested the older part of Cambridge, as some of the streets there have a beautiful history that you can almost feel from looking at them. Tia changed into a little black dress and donned a pair of shades to wow the tourists.

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Retro Microphone, Dress

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Dress, Cambridge

Actually, one lady did come up to me and commented that I looked like I knew what I was doing with my camera, to which I replied, that it would be nice if I did, as I’m a photographer! She turned out to be a local tour guide, who then promptly started explaining some of the history of that street to the assembled crowd of tourists, several of whom were more interested in what was going on with our photo shoot!

Finally, Tia changed into her brightly coloured sun dress and straw hat for a last few shots and I got a couple of my favourites from the day:

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Straw Hat, Dress

Tia, Musician, Portrait, Dress, Cambridge

Tia was very happy with the shots we got and intends to book another shoot for winter, to get a nice contrast with these. I’m already looking forward to it!

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