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Triggertrap Remote Shutter Release Review

A while ago I reviewed iOShutter, a solution for connecting your DSLR to your iOS device via a cable and, combined with an app, use it to trigger your camera’s shutter in various ways. After reading that post, a company called Triggertrap, who make a similar solution, got in touch to say they’d like to send me a review unit. I said I was more than happy to test it out.

Triggertrap Mobile Dongle

The dongle.

At its heart, Triggertrap does the same thing as ioShutter, but there are a few key differences:

Firstly, Triggertrap supports a truly amazing amount of DSLR’s. Where ioShutter has two flavours; Canon and Nikon, Triggertrap supports around 300 DSLR’s, meaning Sony, Olympus or Pentax users aren’t left out in the cold. You can even configure it for use with a Hassleblad. That’s pretty impressive. Also, Triggertrap is available for Android too, so ‘Droid users can join in the fun as well!

The Triggertrap Dongle Connected To The Camera

Connected and ready to rock.

Secondly, there’s the ever-contentious issue of price. I mentioned in my previous review, that price is not as important as value, and value can only really be determined by the buyer and includes such variables as usefulness, how often the purchase will be used, estimated product lifespan, (which will likely be influenced by how often it is used,) and other, rather abstract concepts. That said, if the price exceeds your budget, then it doesn’t really matter how much value it would provide you with.

In terms of price, Triggertrap retails at about £25 – hardly a large outlay for even the budget-conscious photographer, like myself. In fact it’s less than half the price of ioShutter, at least for the cable to connect your mobile device to your DSLR, but that’s really only half the story.

Thirdly, there’s functionality, which involves the other half of the package – the app for your mobile device. ioShutter offered a free version of their app, which had good, but limited functionality, with a pro version priced at £6.99, offering more granular control over settings.
Triggertrap has a similar offering, with a free version of the app that allows for remote triggering modes of timelapse, seismic, (vibration & shock triggering,) and cable release, which includes long exposure functionality.

The pro version of the app costs – well, it seems to be free as I write this, so my advice would be to download it now, even if you don’t have the dongle yet – for two reasons: One, it can use the camera on your mobile device instead of your DSLR and Two: There’s a link to buy the dongle in the app itself, so it can even help you order. I think previously the pro app was either £2.99 or £3.99. Either way, a lot less than the competition again.

So, what modes does the pro app offer? Well, this is where things get really interesting. The modes are:

  • Cable release – Up to 24 hour exposures
  • Timelapse – Take a shot every (x) seconds for (x) time
  • TimeWarp – Timelapse with acceleration
  • DistanceLapse – Take a photo every (x) meters, for (x) meters
  • Sound activation – With volume sensitivity settings. Bang, clap whistle etc
  • Seismic – Shock and vibration
  • Motion detection – If it moves, shoot it. Good for wildlife
  • Face detection – Uses your mobile device’s camera or front facing camera
  • Long Exposure HDR – I was thinking of installing Magic Lantern on my Canon. Now I don’t have to. Up to 19 bracketed exposures, with 1/3, 1/2, 1 or 2ev variances.
  • Long Exposure HDR Timelapse
  • Star Trail mode
  • Bulb Ramping – Take (x) photos over (x) time with different exposure lengths
  • Tesla – Metals and Magnestism. As my friend @Lagop5 mentioned: “Perfect if you’re shooting a battle between Iron Man and Magneto.”
Triggertrap App Mode Screen 1

The first lot of mode choices on the mobile app.

Triggertrap App Mode Screen 2

Scrolling down for more options.

Triggertrap App Mode Screen 3

Final list of mode options.

There is also a built in sunrise and sunset calculator, based on your GPS coordinates, as well as Wi-Fi triggering – E.g. connect your iPhone to your DSLR and trigger it using your iPad! I think that makes it a remote, remote trigger!

Triggertrap Facial Recognition Mode

Smile! … er, close enough.

All in all Triggertrap offers amazing functionality and value, considering it is less than half the price of its nearest competitor and it offers not only more modes, but also way more compatibility with both cameras and mobile devices. Definitely a five out of five. If you want a bottom line, it’s this: I’ve taken my ioShutter back for a refund.

What would you use it for? Let me know in the comments.

  • Raven Photography on December 5, 2012

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I use a Sony and people don’t tend to make amazing remotes for them, it’s all Canon and Nikon, this is a definite purchase for me! I will use it for HDR long exposures. Standard bracketing as the in camera bracketing only offers 0.7 +/-, so now I can do multiples of 1-2 +/-. And the motion sensor seems a great idea! Thank you again!

    • Narshada on December 5, 2012

      Hi Raven, sounds like Triggertrap will be a good fit for you. I personally really want to try the star trail mode in more depth and with the Geminids meteor shower due on the 13th, I may get that chance. Glad you found the blog useful, let me know how you get on & show me some of your HDR shots!

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