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Twilight Walk Near Ely Turns Into Impromptu Photoshoot

No, not the rubbish kind of twilight with sparkly vampires, but the beautiful time of the evening when the sun is going down. Myself, my lovely wife and her sister went out for a walk while at their parent’s house near Littleport, close to Ely in Cambridgeshire. I’d taken my camera, as I’ve a tendency to do these days, initially to try and get a shot of the Leonids meteor shower (no dice,) or at least try out my new remote release, TriggerTrap’s star trails mode (more on that later …).

We decided to have an early evening walk, with me snapping away. I’m so used to my wife being so incredibly supportive of my photography and modelling for me, that I sometimes forget that other people aren’t as eager to have their photo taken, or at least not right at that moment and maybe don’t feel like taking directions on how to pose while out on a walk, so I have to say thanks to Penny for putting up with me and as a reward, I will not post any pictures of her here. 😉

Anyway, I was using my flashgun, with one or the other of the girls acting as a ‘meat lightstand’, and trying to balance the rapidly-changing ambient light with the flashgun – when Penny came up with the amazingly brilliant idea of putting my flash into the hood of the coat my wife had borrowed from her father. It was a Parker style coat with a faux-fur lined hood and the effect was fantastic, the fibres glowing. For the most part, the ambient light was pretty low by now, but then I remembered I had a small torch on my keyring – bam! Instant two-light setup. Considering the immediacy of the lighting, I’m pretty happy with the way these came out.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Dusk in a hood

Dusk in a hood.

Backlit hood

Zoe in twilight

My wife, being my muse again.

Glowing hood and moon

I like the way this falls off into darkness.


Visible breath

Portrait with flash in coat hood and torch on face

The first two light shot.


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