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When Santa Came to Ely

My Father-in-Law looks just like Santa.

White hair & beard, jolly demeanour – the works. So much so in fact, that he plays Santa every year at Christmas for Ely museum. This year with us living close by, my wife played an elf, (she made most of her costume herself!) and I got to go & take some photos.

Sadly I managed to forget my tripod, so a few photos suffered from camera shake, but I got some good ones too. The little girl is my daughter and the shots of her with ‘Pops’ as she knows him, were a challenge for my Photoshop skills; I didn’t manage to get any shots with them both looking at the camera, but with a little layer masking and some Christmas magic – hey presto! I had them both looking into the lens.

The museum have OK’d me to be there to take more shots next year, provided I donate some of the proceeds to the museum, which seems like a win-win to me, so hopefully we’ll see you then!

What are you asking for Christmas? Let me know in the comments. (I’m asking for world peace … and a new lens!)

Santa warming himself by the fireplace

Santa warming himself by the fireplace

A happy looking Santa sat with his hands clasped.

Happy Santa

A woman dressed as a Christmas elf sat on the floor between a Christmas tree and a large doll's house.

Santa’s little helper.

A little girl with curly hair and a Christmas penguin jumper sat on Santa's lap and smiling.

Evie and Santa

Santa raising a tankard near a fireplace

A toast to Christmas!

Seated Santa raising a tankard. Cheers!

Cheers Santa!

A slightly worse-for-wear Santa in a darkened room, who has fallen asleep in his chair.

Night Santa!

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