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Winter Landscape Photography

“Winter is coming …” said Ned Stark.
“Cool, let’s go outside and take photos!” said the photographer.

It was minus eight the other morning in Littleport, which is about as cold as I remember it being for a while. We’d had some snow a few days before and while we hadn’t had any more, it hadn’t melted. Walking to catch my train, everything was so covered in frost and ice that it seemed like all the moisture in the air had clung on to every surface, whether it was a tree, a wall, or a spider’s web.

Winter landscapes can be quite challenging; shooting frosty or snowy scenes need over exposing as the camera tends to underexpose the shot,in an attempt to counteract what it thinks is a too-bright scene, but I’d read a few tips beforehand and edited any white balance issues afterwards.

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A frozen web

Incy-Wincy must be frozy-wozy!

Icy shrub close up

A shrub in a neighbour’s garden

Frosty tree branches in front of a wall

It was the light on the wall that drew me to this shot.

A frost-laden plant takes on the appearance of a fractal

This branch reminds me of the beautiful maths behind the universe.

A frosty tree

The frost was so thick, it almost looks like an infrared photo!

A wintry morning view of a tree in a field

A beautiful, crisp morning.

A frozen river, lined by trees

Reverse shot of the riverbank

A frozen line of trees at the edge of a frozen river

I know … this view again. But it’s so pretty!

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